5 pets included in all prices below!

​​$10 for additional dog.

$7  for additional cat.

$0  for additional small pets and reptiles!

Extra extra! 

Add 10 extra minutes

for $7!

Daily email update

Daily picture of pet (s)

Feeding, watering, and medication 

2 potty breaks per visit

Pet dishes cleaned

Nanny lovin'

Litter box or cage maintenance

Mail, newspaper, and package collection

Indoor and outdoor plant care

Light and window alternations

Daily home check

Trashcan and recycling service 

& Other Services

Most Popular

5 pets included in all prices below!

You have more than 5 pets??

                                                 (Well, I like that!)

Services and Pricing

$20 Pet Taxi

Nanny does pet transportation! Additional .50 once outside the City Hall 10 mile radius.

$5 Mardi Gras Ball

(add-on service)

10 fun minutes dedicated just to fetch!

$4 Ear Cleaning(add-on service)

$4 Nail trim (add-on service)

$10 Pet Errand

Your pet nanny will run pet related errands for you! Great for pet food and medication pick up.

$10 Your House Rocks!

No pets at the house? Nanny will check on your "pet rock!" We'll also water plants, alter the lights, and check the mail!

.50 cents per mile for nanny travel outside of 10 mile radius of Ocean Springs City Hall.

Services and Pricing


$20 One Visit  

"What's Up Pup?"

Need some retail therapy?

Running to New Orleans or the

beach for the day?

20 min. visit​

$40 Two Visits  


Perfect for your independent lounger or for a home with a pet door!

20 min. visit

$60 Three Visits  

"Triple Play"

Enjoy your trip! We'll be there in the morning, afternoon, and evening!

20 min visit

$80 Four Visits

"Pampered Pet"

Perfect option for older or high energy pets. Ideal for puppies in the potty training process!

20 min visit

$17.00 Workday Visit


Package deal. 10 visit minimum.

For the working pet parent! For pets that need a visit while you're away at work.

20 min visit

$20 One Visit -Cats Only

"Here Kitty"

For our "purrrr-fect" feline friends!

20 min visit.

(THEY decide if we get to stay longer.)

$40 Two Visits -Cats Only

"Siamese Twinsies"

Twice daily, ideal for older or medicated cats.

20 min visit.

Fun for Fido!  

Up to FIVE pets included in pricing!

What happens at a pet nanny visit?​​​​

                        Each day, your pet nanny will do: